Malia is the MOST powerful teacher that I have ever had ... and I have sought out some impressive gurus on my yoga journey. We have the sweetest morning routine that involves a yoga practice that we share together (ps. I am jealous of her down dog).  

I didn't always have this luxury of self-care before Malia became a rock star WeeSleep™ Baby. The LAST thing I thought about doing while sleep deprived was a yoga practice. I just wanted to take any moment of peace and curl up and rest so as not to expend any unnecessary energy until my next call to duty. 

Malia is growing ever-more independent as each day passes and I cherish these moments of our little heart- to-heart in Savasana. I appreciate it even more because I actually have ONE morning (rather than 12 in 24 hours), after a night of good sleep for both of us. 

Namaste mammas. XO

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