Does Wool Improve Sleep Quality? Scientific Evidence Says So!

Previous studies suggest that sleep quality improves when sleeping on or under wool. This appears to be related to wool’s unique temperature and moisture management properties, and texture.

Consistent with earlier scientific findings a study undertaken by the University of Sydney, Australia and funded by the Australian Wool Innovation, has found that a better night’s sleep is achieved when sleeping in or under wool.

  1. In the pilot stage of this 2 3-year study, eight volunteers participated in the study and were tested in varying temperatures using both wool and non-wool sleepwear and bedding products.
  2. Results were derived 3 using polysomnography which is currently the standard technique where subjects have brain wave patterns measured and analyzed.
  3. According to this study, wool sleeping apparel and bedding increases total sleep time and improves sleep efficiency.

Figure 1. Comparison of Total Sleep Time between wool and non-wool apparel under hot conditions.

Figure 2: Comparison of Sleep Efficiency between wool and non-wool sleeping apparel and bedding under warm (22°C) and cold (17 °C) conditions. Sleep efficiency is the portion of time spent asleep compared to total time in bed; the higher the proportion the higher the sleep efficiency.



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