Oh gawd, its so true. My daughter is 16 months going on 3. She is feisty, stubborn, independent and kick a$$ just like her mamma. 

I feel that if you ever want to be judged for what you do (and don't do) just have a baby. We are so hard on ourselves and so hard on mothers. When it comes to carrying, birthing, raising a child, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to find your own way, and pull in the people on your journey to help you out. When it comes to sleep "training" there are so many choices that we have to make: co-sleep, rock, doc-a-tot, Fading Sleep, Ferberize, PUPD, CIO, LMNOP?    OMG. 

How about we choose a gentle kindness in our decision making on this parenting journey? Make choices according to your own heart and it will ALWAYS lead you to the right choice. For me, Weesleep™'s gentle and loving approach was how I ended up here, rested and wanting to give back to your tired mamma's and pappa's out there.

So today, on this Monday in May, how about we choose kindness? Aaaaaand ..... go! XO

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