If you want to be judged for everything you do (or don't do) become a parent.


I have never felt so judged now that I am a mom and it is absolutely brutal. The mom shaming that goes on (verbal or not) breaks my heart.

Another thing that breaks my heart as a sleep consultant is the self-shaming that moms express on our consultations. They say things like "I failed, I have done everything wrong" oor "I know I shouldn't be doing this but I don't know what else to do" or "I should know better". After she is finished her self-shaming rant I pause, ask her to take a deep breath and allow me to tell her all of the things she is doing right. What if we put the focus there, perhaps we would feel more empowered to do another day of mothering to raise the next generation. 

This is why I do the work I do. It's not just about sleep, in fact, that is only one outcome that I want my families to feel. I want them to be rested, yes. I want their babies to thrive and I want their families to thrive. I want to facilitate a safe place for support during my process and hope to be remembered by my compassion, empathy, and expertise. 

We are in this together ok, mama? #nojudgement

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