My Clients Are My Muse - With Gratitude

I do this work because it gives back ten-fold. The realizations, learnings, ah-ha moments and inspiration I get from my clients is what keeps me doing the work that I do. I learn a lot, not only as a sleep consultant for babies and toddlers but mostly as a fellow mother trying to understand this ever-changing role.

As a client, you have allowed me to enter a very vulnerable space and time in your life and I am honoured each and every time I am allowed to do so.  The following is some unedited, stream of consciousness thought-scapes while on consultations and support calls. Until now I have kept these thoughts to myself, as they are the ones that happen in the backdrop as I've worked with you all over the last couple of years. However, its time to share how brilliant and amazing you all are, and the thoughts that happen in-between moments.

I think to myself …

  • You’ve got this. I’m impressed with how your brain can compute what I am suggesting to you. You listen, you acknowledge, you ask a follow-up question that gets to the root of it. You are not as sleep deprived as you think. Or perhaps you are a unicorn, mama.
  • Your positivity despite how hard this is amazes me. I try to encourage an open dialogue because I’ve been there, I acknowledge its tenderness as I hear your baby protesting in the background and you just take it in stride. What a sweet space to hold for you as we sit in silence on this support call.
  • Your relationship with your partner blows my mind. I love that he was the one that reached out to start the sleep training process because he saw you struggling and wanted the best for you and your little one. I love that he insisted on being on all the support calls so that he knew how to support you through this. I love everything I am hearing right now and it inspires me beyond words.
  • I sense that you are struggling through some post-partum depression because I can feel it from a mile away, I was there too during this phase of motherhood. I will slow this down for you and allow you the space to process without judgment. I encourage a slower pace of this because I hear that it breaks you to go too fast. What can you do for yourself when your little one falls asleep? A bath, a phone call with a friend, a nap, a hot meal? All the above, please, because you deserve this and foot rub to follow.
  • You are a single mother by choice and are redefining strength for me. After a night where you are dreary to the bone you still get up and do what is necessary and you do this over and over and over and ... you are my heroine.

You know who you are when I write these snippets of my time with you, and I appreciate you for allowing me into your life during this precious stage of parenthood. 

With gratitude xoxo


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