I have heard this from so many clients mid 10-day program when their baby is sleeping 10-12 hours (woot! woot!) that they CAN'T SLEEP. After all of those wakeful hours pining for the night that they will have that beloved solid night's sleep, and here they are ... emailing me at 3 am, wondering if we have programs for adults. No joke.

It will take some time for you to recalibrate your own rhythm mamma - in the meantime, I wanted to share some tips (for those visual right brainers see infographic) for the rest, read on:
1) Your baby has a bedtime routine - you should too and it should not include the light from a digital device (reading my blog is an exception)!
2) Allow your body to release the necessary melatonin to kick start your wind down by keeping the lights down low in your home at night (also saves electricity - your welcome Mother Nature).
3) Avoid alcohol before bed - I know, I wish it wasn't true. It may feel like it sedates you though GUARANTEED it will wake you after the sugar crash wears off and you will feel sluggish the next morning. Your little one will be looking at you like ... what happened to YOU last night, it wasn't me.
4) White noise machines work for you too. I actually enjoy the sound of solid rain from my daughter's sound machine  (via cranking up the volume of her monitor). Its soothing, and it also keeps me tuned into her if she (rarely) needs me during the night. 

IF you happen to be reading this and you are still in the phase where you WISH you had this problem. Call me, will ya? I will get you and your family the rest you need (and deserve) within 2 weeks or less, pinky swear.

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