Sleep Prop VS Sleep Association

For the first few months after your baby is born, you often do what you need to do just to ensure survival. You swaddle, rock, hold, nurse, walk, bounce, drive, stroll, shuuush, DockATot and pacifier in order to have a few minutes of peaceful sleep and then have to DO.IT.ALL.OVER.AGAIN. Sound familiar? It does to me and all of my clients so you are definitely not alone.

All of these go-to strategies for survival can easily develop into sleep props that your little one can become easily dependent upon in order to fall asleep or fall *back* asleep.  Some of the work that I do with clients is on removing these sleep props and teaching babies to self-soothe with the assistance of sleep associations.

What is the difference between a sleep props and sleep associations? 

Nursing to sleep Bedtime and naptime routine
Rocking, bouncing, swinging, walking or any other movement in order to get to sleep White noise
Pacifiers Swaddle or sleep sack (depending on age)
Constant and repetitive shushing Saying bedtime phrase (It's sleepy-time, I love you)


For some babies, this transition is relatively smooth and for other's it may take shedding a few more tears until a new self-soothing strategy enters the picture. As a sleep consultant, I am there to guide your family through the process of learning these new skills and ensure that the whole family is taken into consideration when I work with you. 

Contact me today for a complimentary consultation and will get you started on the path to healthy, nourishing and sustainable sleep for the whole family. XO

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