Upon reflection - it really was that hard.

Do you ever look back on experiences you have had and thought -

Shit, that wasn't so bad!

One of my besties had a babe in the summer and a couple months in I got a text message from her "do you have time to talk about postpartum depression?". The thought of PPD still stops me in my tracks and takes my breath away, the memories of which still haunt me and bring tears to my eyes.

I immediately called her. As she spoke through tears I listened, held the space for her to feel safe enough to be so raw. My response to her experience was met with my own tears of recounting my time with PPD. You know what? Crossing the threshold into motherhood is THAT hard for many of us and there are legit hormonal, sleep deprivation and social isolation realities that are BIG players in the first few months of motherhood (and beyond!).

For any of you with similar experiences - I get you. In fact, I've got you, and so does Netflix ...

"For every woman who dealt with PPD and felt lost and alone, for every partner or family member who struggled to understand their loved one, or for anyone whose life has been touched by postpartum depression, this film shouldn’t be missed" 

When The Bough Breaks is available now on Netflix and iTunes.



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