We Are How We Sleep

I have conversations with parents about baby and toddler sleep ALL day, you'd think I would be tired of it (pun intended). We don't make it through parenthood without knowing the pain of sleep deprivation at some point. Even if your child sleeps like an angel, there are always those colds and cases of flu, summer travels, teething episodes, and nightmares that will sabotage your baby's sleep.

What do you do?

Breathe, and follow:

1) Early bedtime. If your child has not had the best sleep as of late, resort to an early bedtime which can be as early as 6 or 6:30pm (whaaaa?!?!) It's true, sleep begets sleep. Trust me on this one.

2) Routine. When life happens (travel, teething, you name it) sleep will naturally be affected. Stick to your routine as close as possible so that your child knows that sleep time is coming up. If you don't have a bedtime routine, it's never too late to start: Bath, Massage, Story, Into Crib Awake ... 

3) Consistent Sleep Space. When sleep is challenged it is important that your child feels safe and secure in their familiar sleep space. If they are sick or teething, there is nothing better than sleep to help them move through it. If you are on a summer adventure, take your child's sleep associations with them which can include their snuggly buddy or blankie, white noise machine (or app) and a portable blackout blind (the Gro Anywhere Blind is one of my favs).

Do your best to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood, if you need additional support you know where to find me XO


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