For the love of sleep! You too can be one of these happy, grateful and rested families XO

"Sabrina and her program have been an absolute game changer for me, my husband and my 4-month-old twins. I was initially skeptical as sleep training did not feel natural to me., However, there were actually fewer tears than I anticipated as the program has a wonderful balance of being able to soothe them as mama and teaching them how to self-soothe. Her tone was always compassionate and confident throughout the process which is EXACTLY what I needed. At one point, in the beginning, I almost cracked. The second morning, I called her in hysterics and tears...She quickly and calmly got my babies (and me :) ) right back on track... That night they slept almost 9 hours.  I can now happily say my babies are consistently sleeping through the night with ZERO sleep props... Bye bye pacis, swaddles, night time feeds... Hello, sanity :) -- Thank you, dear Sabrina!"
- Anthony and Ariana's Mom

"Sabrina was amazing! She was so helpful and accommodating. I was a nervous wreck before we started to the point of crying daily and she helped me build the courage to be strong and follow the program as it was laid out. To be honest I was doubtful that my little guy was EVER going to sleep and I was scared that in order to get him to, I would have to listen to him cry for painful amounts of time. Havok adjusted so quickly and I am happy to say there was a lot fewer tears than I had imagined there would be. I was more than skeptical but Sabrina assured me the process works... and she was right. Havok was up 6 times a night for the first 10 months of his life and after our 10-day program he is sleeping 13 hours straight AND napping (naps used to be a rare occurrence in our house).  It's like magic. I would recommend it to anyone."
- Havok's Mom

 "Huge shout to Sabrina!! Tilly has always been a good sleeper... until recently. After reading multiple books with limited success and on the brink of a mental breakdown, we decided to get professional help. Within 2 nights Tilly was sleeping through the night (10-12 hours!) and after a few more days, napping like a boss. Being a parent doesn't mean you have to give up your sleep. To all the tired moms and dads, I would highly recommend reaching out to Sabrina as a sleep consultant."
- Tilly's Mom
"It was a pleasure to work with Sabrina.  Not only did she personalize our family's sleep plan but she empowered us with the skills and knowledge to help our little guy learn to sleep.  Sabrina always knew what to say to calm our self-doubt and encourage us along the way. Thanks to her our son is sleeping through the night and napping like a champ.  He is happier and in turn so is our family.  Thank you so much, Sabrina."
- Gannon's Mom 

"Thank you, Sabrina, for your support and great tips for helping Taran sleep better!  My son only wanted to sleep being carried--he woke many times during the night and his naps were too short between 20 min to 40 min.  

Sabrina was very comfortable to work with.  Her kind, calm, gentle and supportive training helped me get Taran sleeping better! A few days into the program Taran was sleeping through the night. Naps were also getting better. It made a huge difference to see Taran happier and rested. Thank you, Sabrina!!!"
- Taran's Mom

 "Thank you, Sabrina, I can't believe Seth is sleeping 12 hours a night. With all the tools and the help from Sabrina, we ( finally ) learned how to sleep! Thank you again and again."
- Seth's Mom
"By far, the best money my husband and I have ever spent. Sabrina never stopped encouraging us and was so positive throughout our entire journey. We could not have done it without her. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!"
- Connlan's Mom

"Our little guy was born a few weeks early and had a mild case of reflux - where he was eating constantly to soothe his throat, and needed to wait at least 20 minutes before lying down after a feed. After seeking various different solutions to get the reflux under control, he was still in the habit of waking every 2 hours or less at night and only napping for around 20-45 minutes tops. With a 3 year old toddler, I didn't exactly have the option of bringing the baby into bed with me the next morning and sleeping in, nor my favourite of "sleeping when baby sleeps". Needless to say, the sleep deprivation was really starting to get to me. We contacted Sabrina when our little one was only 9 weeks old. She guided us through "sleep shaping" for our baby, giving us tools to help him become a better sleeper... and after a few nights, it magically clicked- he was taking three 2-2.5 hour naps per day and only waking once in the night to feed. He also was very happy to sit in his bouncer chair on his own, whereas before he was very clingy and did not like to be set down (once again, difficult when you have a toddler!)

Sabrina was very supportive in finding methods we were comfortable with and reassured us when we second-guessed what we were doing. Since every family and baby is different, it's not as easy as just following something you read on the internet. It really helps to have the support of someone to answer questions specific to your situation and provide encouragement along the way.

I highly recommend working with Sabrina; your only regret will be not contacting her right away!!"

- Mateo's Mom

"About 3 weeks ago we consulted with Sabrina at Lavender & Leo to help us out with Sawyer's sleep. Sawyer is just about 8 months old and about 2.5 months ago she had gone from waking up once a night to being up every 1-3 hours all night long. We went thru about 2 months of this, during which I tried so many different things from sleep blogs to books and other mama's tips. Nothing made much difference and I was always second guessing what I was trying!

A friend saw one of my sleep deprived posts and recommended Sabrina, who is formerly from Saskatoon but now works out of Vancouver. A few days later we gave her a call and after asking her some questions and getting to know her style we decided to give it a try.
Since night 3 of our training, Sawyer has slept at least 10 hours each night (!!!) with solid naps during the day.

After 7 months of being the only one to get up with baby every night (she will not take a bottle) I am so incredibly grateful! She really got Matt to step up and help out more with Sawyer's sleep and this ultimately made the biggest difference.
Sabrina has a pretty gentle approach when it comes to "sleep training" and has given us a lot of advice to keep up these good sleep and nap habits as best as possible for the next few years of holidays, teething, sickness, etc.

Anyways, just thought I would put this out there for any parents who are currently treading the depths of sleep deprivation & could use some help!"

- Sawyer's Mom


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